Fall Fun in Virginia Beach

Fall Fun in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is one of the most scenic places in the United States that offers all the excitement, relaxation, outdoor activities, and fun for families. The beach is particularly magical in the fall season, with its warm and sunny days, brisk evenings, and a variety of outdoor adventures that families can experience and enjoy together. Here are some ideas for a fall itinerary that will make your fall family vacation to Virginia Beach unforgettable.

1. Experience the Beach Life:

Virginia Beach is a beach town, and the beach is the centerpiece of the city. Take an early morning stroll or morning yoga on the beach and enjoy the tranquil sound of the ocean waves. Playful family activities such as beach volleyball courts, mini-golf courses, and playgrounds keep visitors entertained all day long along the Boardwalk. You can also relax under an umbrella with a book, or rent some boating equipment. Whatever your heart desires, you and your family can unwind and soak in the peaceful environment at your convenience.

2. Take a Nature Hike:

The scenic nature trails of First Landing State Park will give you and your family a chance to connect with nature and explore different habitats within these 2,888 acres of wooded ecosystems. The park has several scenic trails including the Bald Cypress Trail, which is a shorter trail, and the Cape Henry Trail, which takes you to scenic beach vistas. Enjoy a picnic and immerse yourself in the calming sounds of the forest, while taking in the stunning hues of colorful leaves as the trees transition to fall colors.

3. Visit Virginia Aquarium:

Visit the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center to learn about the aquatic life and their habitats. The center features many interactive exhibits showcasing the habitats of various marine life. You will have a chance to see its diverse collection of marine life, including sea turtles, dolphins, and sharks in various exhibits. Kids can enjoy a high-tech virtual mussel bed exhibit, designed to foster responsible harvesting, or visit the touch pools which also promote sensory learning. The Virginia Aquarium also offers private indoor and outdoor decks overlooking Owls Creek, an area for picnicking, and a hiking trail on the extensive Aquarium and Treetop Adventure Course.

4. Take a Sunset Dinner Cruise:

The sunset dinner cruise is a live-music entertainment show on the water that offers a scenic way to experience the seaport while enjoying a delicious meal with your family. The cruise lasts for about two and a half hours which allows plenty of time to relax and explore the onboard amenities, including a bar and a dance floor. You and your family can take in the beautiful sunset over the Chesapeake Bay and enjoy a live music show accompanied by deliciously prepared dishes.

5. Take an Oyster Tour

In a city with as much oceanic cuisine as Virginia Beach, it would be criminal to not order the local seafood and especially the Lynnhaven oysters! Pleasure House Oysters will delight your senses as you set out on the Lynnhaven River for an on-the-water experience unlike any other. See how Lynnhaven Oysters are harvested, all while enjoying their legendary flavor while you are in the Lynnhaven.


Virginia Beach offers an abundance of fun and activities throughout the year. The fall season offers visitors a chance to enjoy the warm sun on the beautiful beaches, observe the fascinating colors of nature, visit the Virginia Aquarium, take nature hikes, and enjoy delicious local seafood cuisine. Any family coming from far and wide would undoubtedly enjoy the many activities and provide unforgettable memories that they can treasure for a long time. So, start planning your itinerary and make sure to include these exciting activities mentioned in the guide to make the most out of your next visit to Virginia Beach.

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